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Tourism Photography in India

Tourism Photography in India

Tourism Photography in India

India is a sub-continent it remains unique mysterious & amazing. So every year more number of foreigners around the world from different countries, visit India in tourist visa. They go to different parts of India and enjoy their vacations joyfully.  India is the Nation of Unity in diversity with ancient cultural heritage & beautiful geographic locations and there are many places to see while in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It’s a photographers paradise. The tourism photography can be differentiated into several parts out of which Wild life, Nature, Fashion, Architecture, Fine Art, festivals, people and culture photography are important in this Sub-Continent.

In most of the tourist spots in India the well trained English speaking tourist guide facilities are available. If you approach The Government of India Department of Tourism Office they can arrange the approved trustworthy tourist guides.

Photography Restrictions in India

The foreign tourist first obtain permission from concerned authorities before shooting photographs of places such as military importance, bridges, airports, railway stations, sensitive regions border area. And also the photography is prohibited in some holistic temples, churches, tombs, and Historical forts, monuments and palaces.

Tourist Brochure & Photography

In Tourism business, the Tourist brochure is the one of the marketing tool, the tour operator can use this tour brochure for detailed explanations. Photography plays an important role in preparing such an attractive tourist brochure. The brochure itself explains or provides the preview of the entire tour plan, its cost, the tourist spots. Printing colorful brochures may be more expensive but you can reduce the cost by creating your own.

  • First plan the tour program and write a brochure copy and finalize where you want to go and take photographs.

  • Choose a layout design.

  • Finalize whether the tourist brochure will be a bi-fold or tri-fold layout.

  • Select photographs of tourist spots or the location the tourists can see while on the tour.

  • Few desktop publishing programs have travel-related brochure templates, so you can start with these because photos and graphics may better relate to tourism business.

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