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Nikon D90 Vs Nikon D300/D300s

Nikon D90 Vs Nikon D300/D300sIf you  are having a hard time in picking between Nikon D90 and Nikon D300/D300s then (IIP) recommends you with the following suggestions in selecting the cameras.

If you are not planning to photograph fast-action sports, action or wildlife, you can go for Nikon D90 over Nikon D300/D300s. especially if it is your first Digital SLR.  Nikon D90 is an excellent one that works great for portraits, landscapes and other types of photography where speed is not considered important. When we see Nikon 300 Vs D90 high ISO comparison, Nikon D90 performs with noise in high ISOs a little better than Nikon D300. This is because of a slightly better sensor and  much better more aggressive noise-reduction algorithm on the Nikon D90.

Nikon D90 with a 12.3-megapixel sensor,  rises to the resolution of the more professional D300. When it comes to sensitivity it  shares the same as the D300, ranging from ISO 200 to 3,200, plus L1 (100) and H1 (6,400).

An essential upgrade on the Nikon D90 is the high resolution 3-inch LCD screen. The 920,000-pixel display of Nikon D90 has a 170-degree viewing angle and appears to be as good as the new screens found on the D3 and D300. The checking focus and using Live view mode are much more pleasant of this high resolution 3inch LCD screen.

Nikon D90 is smaller and lighter than the D300, but still it has a good grip, providing a good dent inside the grip for the tips of your fingers.

 Each camera is designed to fit into the niche it was meant for. Both D90 and D300 are very similar in the way they can make an image look. As far as Picture controls, they  have  same basic technology. So we can say, the D90 is a summer fun camera and the one suited mostly for portraits and long exposure shots and scenery. Whereas the D300 can be considered as a serious camera that can be used  during the winter birding season or when we head out to the mountains or forest.

If you would like to compare the image quality of both the cameras, Nikon D90  has a very slight edge over Nikon D300. Moreover, accessories for Nikon D90 are much cheaper than for Nikon D300/D300s (we can say battery grip and remote camera trigger). So if you are not having any special needs you should buy Nikon D90.

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by team IIP